« We must learn to speak climate /

Il faut apprendre à parler climat »

F. Herbert Dune

Stéphane La Branche

Chercheur indépendant et climatologue de la société (ou sociologue du climat!), ce sont les interactions entre nos activités et la nature dans les deux sens qui me fascinent.

Independent reseacher and social climatologist (or sociologist of climate and energy), it is the interactions between our activities and nature, in both directions, that fascinate me.

I address the question of the brakes and drivers of societal changes in ecological transition efforts since 2002 in several areas: adaptation to climate change, mobility, sobriety, territorial policies, town planning, social representations, perceptions, behaviors, institutions …

Scientific coordinator of the GIECO / IPBC since 2019, my researches have led me to contribute to and work with many different institutions (international, European and national in different countries), as well as well as numerous Territorial Climate Plans in France.


Independent researcher, social climatologist since 2003, with over 30 empirical studies in several countries and regions of France.

Scientific affiliation

IPBC scientific coordinator, expert reviewer for the 5th and 6th IPCC AR reports, associate researcher and teacher Pacte, Sciences Po Grenoble


Elaboration and analysis of ecological public policies, stratégies, measures and programs at the territorial and national levels

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