Knowing about life/Nature/humans is not the same as

giving meaning to Life/Nature/humans

Thus, knowing is not enough.

My transversal, multi-scale and multi-sectoral approach to behavior and environment issues, led me to join the GIECO-IPBC, as scientific coordinator. The GIECO-IPBC is an international scientific NGO aimed at producing state-of-the art multidisciplinary publications on behavioral change and non change, from neurological sciences to philosophy, as well as economics, political science, anthropology, psychology and sociology, among others.

As part of its activities, the GIECO-IPBC produces different types of publications. While our “Main Reports” will only be released every 4 years or so, we are also planning more frequent thematic reports (every 2 years) and finally, “informed food for thoughts pieces”. The latter aims to provide reflections on the part of researchers recognized in their fields on the drivers of behavioral change and non-change associated with specific events or crises. The IPBC therefore thought it appropriate to produce a multidisciplinary report on the current health crisis while reflecting on the potential lessons for ecological transition. Does the current health crisis bear such lessons? Which are transferable and applicable to transition efforts and which are not?

The texts will be translated in french soon !

The IPBC has already attracted some attention, with nearly 1 500 scientists from around the world and over 35 disciplines signing its MANIFESTO. Go check our the press release!

Our activities include:

– Work towards a holistic vision of behavior, as constitutive elements of the same complex reality, in order to produce states of the art integrating in the most exhaustive way possible all the conclusions, old and recent, of the sciences in the matter;

– Contribute to the orientation of programs, public policies, methods, management, investments, in the fields of education, economy, governance, without being limited to these;

– To carry out scientific publications with regard to the widest possible audience with the aim of democratizing and popularizing scientific knowledge, with a view to contributing to the general interest.

We will also produce shorter annual publications on crises or punctual issues. We thus put out an official statement on the COVID19 crisis, which will lead to a publication in January 2021.

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